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It's gotten big. Almost 800 tracks, and that's not including the silly Harry Potter & Star Wars holiday songs I found somewhere. They're pretty lame though IMHO, so they aren't included on the list. I had to use MS Word to put the list together, and I'm pretty sure it's too many characters for a single LJ post because of all the crap Word adds into html documents, so I'm just linking to the list.

Jen's 2010 Holiday Song Collection

If you want anything on the list, just ask. Except for The Brobecks song "Christmas Drag." You should go buy that one on iTunes 'cause Dallon Weekes & his adorable family need the money.

I pretty much tend to avoid songs with religious references and I love new songs more than the classics. Though I also enjoy comedy and even some kids stuff. If anyone has any great holiday songs that I don't have that seem like they'd fit in with my collection, share with me pretty please?

I should say... not all of these songs are good. I don't listen to all of them. I have a playlist of about 100 songs I'm listening to regularly this year. Maybe I'll post that list later. Or go look at my page. I've been listening to my holiday playlist quite a bit lately.
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Found at [ profile] maple_mahogany's journal...

In 2009, jenepherre resolves to...
Cut down to ten rps a day.
Give up lyrics.
Eat more mp3s.
Put fifty realm films a month into my savings account.
Overcome my secret fear of making icons.
Lose ten shane valdes by March.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

  1. I do not read 10 rps's a day... maybe one or two, but not ten
  2. I am NOT giving up lyrics! That would be devastating!
  3. I will happily eat more mp3s, though I have far too many already.
  4. realm films into my savings? Most definitely!
  5. I made a bunch of Cmas icons just the other day. Check my allpics page. No fear!
  6. If shane valdes is a euphemism for pounds of fat - I do intend to try. If we're talking the real Shane Valdes... well, he's one of a kind anyway.

So all in all, not very helpful, but rather amusing. ::nods::

Now this is more like it!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, jenepherre sent to me...
Twelve birds drumming
Eleven adakias piping
Ten icons a-leaping
Nine vampires dancing
Eight rps a-milking
Seven budgies a-swimming
Six mp3s a-kissing
Five da-a-a-allon weekes
Four shane valdes
Three gay vampires
Two making icons
...and an art in a brendon urie.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Five da-a-a-allon weekes
hahaha YES!
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Ripped from myspace. Just be nice and buy it from iTunes when Dallon gets it up there and support him.

The Brobecks - Christmas Drag

Share with anyone.

ETA: This is now available on Amazon mp3 downloads, among other places. Still don't see it on iTunes though. But Amazon is an easy place to buy and download from. You should check out their 25 Days of Free for some free holiday music. And their regular free mp3 section, with around 1200 tracks for free. I found a few gems in there. ;-D
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December Is For Cynics - an Anti-Christmas Playlist

December Is For Cynics )

That's a narrowed down list of favorites. I have more. Bah! Ha ha! Anyone have any suggestions for additions to the list? I do enjoy happy holiday music too, but songs like these usually fit my mood better at Christmastime. Meh.

I'm having trouble uploading a zip with all the songs in it. Giving up on that for the moment, unless someone really wants it.
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Thanks to [ profile] preston1 for letting me know about this site in the first place. ::mwah::

Click here for loads o' holiday fun! Or a little bit, anyway. )

You really should check out their "Year in Review" too. It's hilarious and sad all at the same time. And amazingly, Paris Hilton wasn't mentioned at all. LOL


Monday, December 17th, 2007 09:09 pm
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Still here. Still alive.

Still boring as hell. )

Okay. Gonna take my drugs and go to bed. Wasn't that an exciting post?

Memes and junk

Thursday, December 14th, 2006 11:56 am
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Most of these came from my BFF [ profile] drkcherry. I'm not sure I've ever called her my BFF before. But she is.

Cut 'cause if I didn't, it would be waaaay too long for my friends' friends pages. Or something. )
Gimme prezzies. Please? Any lumps of coal will simply be made into diamonds. Happy Holidays!

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