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Look where I decided to stay on the 30th?

Tangerine Hotel in Burbank

It's a tiny bit more than I'd normally want to pay, but look how cool it looks?! And it's close to [ profile] darksylvia's place. And I'm getting a king size bed. Why not, when it costs the same as a queen?

It must be very recently renovated, because Google Street View still shows it as a blah run-of-the-mill motel. But look at the pics of it on the site! Tres chic!

Yay, I made a decision and I am happy! And now I must go to bed because I have a doctor's appt in the morning. Blah.


Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 06:10 pm
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Having a great time in Seattle with [ profile] darksylvia. Had Meet & Greet with Panic last night and it was great! My photo is a little blurry though. Loads of other good photos and video clips - some full songs - from all three shows. I may not get them uploaded until after I get back home Saturday night though. We'll see. Maybe I can get the photos uploaded before then, and at least get a start on the videos.

Met some nice people at the Sacramento and Everett (Seattle) shows too. ::waves::

More later. If you have [ profile] darksylvia friended, she has awesome recaps for all 3 RockBand shows and the Razia's Shadow listening party up in her journal. She's rad. ;-)
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I am going to see Black Gold in LA on Sunday night! Yes! I made it work. I had dreamed up a plan to go down there and see them Sunday and stay a few days visiting with my aunt, uncle and cousins and then see Black Gold play again on Wednesday night, but that was maybe a little over-ambitious and it won't, unfortunately, work out (free accommodations are only available on Sunday night). But still - Sunday night! Black Gold! YES!!!

Any LA people want to go with me?

Click here for more on Black Gold )

In other wonderfully fabulous news, [ profile] darksylvia and I both have our plane reservations for our Panic At The Disco concert exchange extravaganza! She's flying down here for the Sacramento show (Oct. 12th), then we're both flying back to Seattle for the show up there (Oct. 14th), and then I'm staying a few extra days with her. Because she's so awesome and wonderful and cool.

And did I mention that WE'RE SEEING PANIC AT THE DISCO TOGETHER AGAIN??? TWICE???? That will make 4 times we have seen them together this year. This is also incredibly awesome and wonderful and cool. :-D

I ♥ you Leah!! We get to reinvent ♥ with Panic AGAIN!!!

Other not-so-good news about my emotional health and my poor sick birdie... )

Hope everything is well with all of you, wonderful f-list people. :-)
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[ profile] darksylvia and I are doing a PATD concert exchange sorta thing in October! She's coming down here to go to the Sacramento show with me (got our tickets just after 12 noon today!), then we'll both fly back to Seattle and go to the show up there together (she just got our tickets for that one a few minutes ago). Is that awesome or what? ::so excited::

That pretty much means I *won't* be going to the Vegas, LA or San Jose shows though. And really... I think 6 PATD concerts in 1 year is pretty damn good anyway. 6 1/2 if you count the Jimmy Kimmel mini-concert I went to.

I'd love to still try and go to the San Jose show - especially since it sounds like there will be people I know there - but I just don't think it's do-able. Probably won't stop me from looking into it further though. LOL

But for now, we have our Sacramento and Seattle tickets, and life is awesome!!!

Also, um... Paris Hilton for President! ::cough::
Paris has a pretty good energy plan, actually. )
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So yeah... the Panic At The Disco concert was Thursday night. Neither [ profile] darksylvia or I got to meet the band after all because Artist Arena - the company handling the fan club and promotions and the meet & greet contests - completely fucked it up. You can read a little more about that in [ profile] darksylvia's LJ here. I don't feel like talking about it. I was kind of okay about missing it at the time, but now? I'm really *not* okay with it.

Anyway, the post-big event blues have hit me hard. I'm looking at the pictures and stories that other people are posting of the show I was at and the one the following night, and I don't know if I'll even bother posting my pictures. The ones that turned out look just the same as everyone else's. The few video clips I took are just bits and pieces of songs and the sound quality isn't all that great on them. So I came home with nothing particularly exceptional. Didn't even get a chance to look at the merch booth, much less buy anything.

I did get to meet Eric Ronick and Shane Valdés before the show, and talked to Shane on and off during and after the show as well. He's really cool, and much better looking in person. The pics I've seen of him really don't do him justice. Eric is awesome, but I didn't get to meet up with him again after the show and have him sign my Black Gold CD. :-( Zack (FYI, it is spelled with a "k" - I checked) is also completely awesome. I really felt like he was pissed off on our behalf that we weren't given the right info for the meet & greet and had to miss it. Even though his first priority is keeping the guys safe and happy, he does a damn good job of keeping the fans safe and happy too, you know?

The concert itself was great, but I'm just not physically able to make it through shows like this. I managed to stay down in the pit with [ profile] darksylvia for the first two bands, but after that, I had to leave her and find someplace where I could breathe and actually get off my feet for a few minutes. Sat on the floor with another woman the same age as me - who was there with her two young teenage daughters - through most of Motion City Soundtrack's set. And I didn't even attempt to get back up front for Panic even though part of me wanted to. Of course, if I had gone back up front, I wouldn't have run into Shane again. He was right out in the audience and was very friendly and willing to talk to me. Nice guy.

I guess the only other thing I have to say is that I'm really glad that the other show I'm going to on this tour - the Washington DC show on April 30th - is all reserved seating and I have really good seats. A seat. That I can sit in. Yeah - I know everyone will be standing, but I can still sit now and then if I need to. It sucks to be old and in less-than-ideal health. :-( Such a lovely note to end this post on, but there you go. ::shrug::
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HI! I should totally be in bed right now, but I was so close to having my new LJ layout done... I just had to finish it and get it up. Come look!

Beyond that, things are going pretty damn good. The depression is so much better than it has been in years. If only my body was in good enough shape physically to keep up with my mood... but I'm slowly working on that.

So... things going on with me, in no particular order:

  • I have to get bifocals. :-(

  • I am leaving in a few hours for Los Angeles. Will be staying with my uncle near Anaheim and going to the Panic At The Disco mini-concert on Tuesday that they're doing for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Yay!

  • I really need to color my hair. I wanted to do that before this LA trip, but it's not looking good, time-wise. Maybe I can do it at my uncle's house. Not ideal, but ::shrug::

  • Panic's new album - called Pretty. Odd. - officially comes out on Tuesday, and it is PHENOMENAL. Yes, I've already heard the whole thing. has been streaming it since the 18th, and there are wonderful Panic fans who know how to rip that stuff. Thank you fellow Panic fans!

  • [ profile] darksylvia - who is awesome - is going with me to see Panic on the first night of the Honda Civic Tour, which they are headlining. This is on April 10th in San Francisco. YAY!!!!!

  • I became an auntie for the 9th time on March 10th. Another nephew, making a total of 5 nephews and 4 nieces. Baby Samuel is perfect, of course.

  • I leave for DC (my brother's place in Virginia, actually) on April 19th and am staying until May 24th. Lots of time to get to know baby Samuel and get reacquainted with his wonderful siblings and parents.

  • While I'm in Virginia, I'm taking a little over a day to go up to NYC and see Randy Harrison in Antony & Cleopatra. Another YAY moment!

  • I put up ticker thingies for all these big events that are coming up on my profile page. I'm a dork that way. LOL

  • I know there's more, but that's all I can think of for now. Not much detail on some of those things, but I have no time! All of last week was crazy busy, and until I get back from LA Wednesday evening, this week will be the same. And really, if you think about it, I've got major stuff going on from now until I get back from Virginia toward the end of May. Isn't that awesome? I actually have a life!

    Well, better get to bed. Later all!

Another Update

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 10:45 pm
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So... I just had a particularly violent coughing spell and... not too gross, but it seems considerate to put it behind a cut anyway... )
I so adore you guys for your healing vibes and kind words and I hope you'll forgive me for not replying to each of you personally. I do a crappy job of keeping up on your lives, and yet you're continually there for me. I hope you all know how much that means to me. ::hugs::

In my one bit of good news, [ profile] darksylvia and I both managed to snag presale VIP tickets (which sold out in about 7 minutes) to the Panic at the Disco concert in San Francisco on April 10th. YAY!!!!!!! Not only do I get to see Panic perform, I also get to see Motion City Soundtrack and The Hush Sound (and another band I don't know) - both of whom I also love - who are opening for Panic. And just as important - I get to meet [ profile] darksylvia! I ♡ her so much - even though because she got me addicted to Panic - and now we get to squee about them together and in person!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Panic may have dropped the ! from their name, but there are still plenty of reasons to use it in relation to them. hehe) Thank the deity-of-your-choice that it's not until April. Plenty of time for me to get over this damned demon supercold.


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