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It's gotten big. Almost 800 tracks, and that's not including the silly Harry Potter & Star Wars holiday songs I found somewhere. They're pretty lame though IMHO, so they aren't included on the list. I had to use MS Word to put the list together, and I'm pretty sure it's too many characters for a single LJ post because of all the crap Word adds into html documents, so I'm just linking to the list.

Jen's 2010 Holiday Song Collection

If you want anything on the list, just ask. Except for The Brobecks song "Christmas Drag." You should go buy that one on iTunes 'cause Dallon Weekes & his adorable family need the money.

I pretty much tend to avoid songs with religious references and I love new songs more than the classics. Though I also enjoy comedy and even some kids stuff. If anyone has any great holiday songs that I don't have that seem like they'd fit in with my collection, share with me pretty please?

I should say... not all of these songs are good. I don't listen to all of them. I have a playlist of about 100 songs I'm listening to regularly this year. Maybe I'll post that list later. Or go look at my page. I've been listening to my holiday playlist quite a bit lately.
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December Is For Cynics - an Anti-Christmas Playlist

December Is For Cynics )

That's a narrowed down list of favorites. I have more. Bah! Ha ha! Anyone have any suggestions for additions to the list? I do enjoy happy holiday music too, but songs like these usually fit my mood better at Christmastime. Meh.

I'm having trouble uploading a zip with all the songs in it. Giving up on that for the moment, unless someone really wants it.

Random stuff

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 11:37 pm
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I just posted my address for anyone who likes sending out holiday cards. The post is locked to a filtered list of friends. If you can't see the post and want to be able to, just leave me a comment on this post.

As for me, I'm still coping with this viral bronchitis or whatever it is. Definitely reminds me of when I was sick at the beginning of the year (the 6 week Demon!Supercold), only not as bad, luckily.

BTW, you *can* reply to my Twitter messages that get posted here. I will see your replies. Just FYI. I just find it easier to post through Twitter right now, so most of my posts come through there. I know not everyone likes Twitter, but I do. ::shrug::

I'm so bummed about Phantom Planet going on "indefinite hiatus." Sounds to me like they're breaking up. I bought 2 tickets to their final show on Dec. 12th in West Hollywood, but just found out that I can't stay at my aunt & uncle's place - they've got other people visiting that night. So... hotel, I guess.

Anyway... must send a couple of emails, then I'm off to bed. We'll have a houseful for Thanksgiving tomorrow - parents, me, sister & family and youngest brother and family. Seven adults and five kids (all 8 years or younger).

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends, and happy Thursday to my non-US friends. :-)
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I was just doing my daily clicks on the 6 'click to donate' sites (links below) and ended up looking through their online stores. If you need ideas for Christmas gifts, especially for those people who are hard to buy for because they have everything or you aren't quite sure what they would need, you really should check out these stores. There are some absolutely amazing items, many at unbelievable prices, and each purchase generates a donation to the charities the sites are partnered with.

Their Christmas items are rather awe-inspiring, IMHO. Everything from Rwandan Basket Ornaments to Peruvian "Surprised Angels" Ornaments to knitted wool snowflake hats with ear flaps made in Tibet. Lots of less foreign-sounding things too. LOL

Being a bird lover, I think the plush Audubon Birds - complete with accurate bird sounds - are adorable. The sandalwood vases (style 1 and style 2) are beautiful, and the detail on the hand carved Peruvian llama earrings (not as weird as they sound) is fantastic. The Bolivian Mother & Child sculpture is rather perfect in its simplicity. They also have amazing jewelry, clothing, housewares, calendars, coffee and tea, all sorts of decorative items and lots of pet toys and pet-related items, among other things. And of course each site has their signature items - t-shirts and caps and totes - that will show your support for the site as well as generating a donation.

You can also buy things for the needy around the world, like shoes for African schoolgirls and high efficiency camp stoves for Darfur refugees. Those gifts are all tax deductible and have free shipping, and include a full color certificate that can be printed out to give to a friend or family member if you bought the item on their behalf. Don't forget The Animal Rescue Site - you can buy vaccinations for 10 shelter dogs or 10 shelter cats for just $20 each - again tax deductible, etc.

I think all items are actually available in all the stores, but here are the 6 sites:

Be sure and click on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at the top of each homepage before moving on to the store.

I know I sound like a commercial or something, but I just had so much fun looking through these stores! Fantastic gifts, many handmade so they're one of a kind, AND donations to good causes? And affordable prices. How can you possibly beat that? I'm definitely doing some of my Christmas shopping there.

P.S. - Here are my versions of the click-to-donate codes that you can add to your userinfo page or any other website you want.

P.S.S. - OMG, it's time to upload the holiday icons again, isn't it?


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