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Huge thanks and hugs to all who left me birthday wishes! If anyone posted in their own journal and I didn't comment on it, please tell me. I did read through my friends page on my b-day, but so so far from perfect and could have missed something. And I don't want to miss anything, 'cause I love you all. Special thanks to [ profile] aqualegia for the yummy virtual cocktail. :-D

To all of you, from me:

In other news... )

Not going to talk about how incredibly disappointed I am in California's Supreme Court. Just know that I am incredibly disappointed, but not really surprised.

That is all for now! Yay for real LJ entries, y/y?
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Things are getting crazier. Mom is still recovering from her foot surgery that took place at the end of August. She's getting around a lot better now, and no major bandage changes are required anymore (I was doing all of her bandage changes), but she still needs a lot of help and isn't driving again yet. Just yesterday she realized I'll be gone all next week and she'll have to ask Dad if she needs help with something. She hates asking Dad for help - he's a total grouch when anyone asks him to do anything, it seems like.

So anyway, my schedule for the next little while:

Oct. 11-18 - Panic Extravaganza and trip to Seattle with [ profile] darksylvia
Oct. 19 - Mom's birthday
Oct. 20 - Dad's eye surgery (outpatient, but can't drive for a while)
Oct. 22-24 - at my sister's; she's having surgery for a femoral hernia (outpatient, but can't lift her son for a while)
Unknown date in first 2 weeks of November - Dad's other surgery (um... being done by a colo-rectal surgeon... more serious than hemorrhoids... let's just leave it at that)
Nov. 13 - Black Gold concert in San Francisco

At least that month of craziness begins and ends with fun stuff. And there is a bit of a break, hopefully, after my sister's surgery.

I was planning to have surgery this year to get my VNS implant removed, but I don't think that's going to happen. At least the implant isn't causing me any problems. It's just weird that it's still inside my body when it's been turned off for longer than it was turned on.

Ah well. One day at a time. :-| Must get to bed. Up far too late as it is.
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Sorry about my message being split into 2 posts last night. I can never remember what the character limit is. Actually I still don't know. I suppose I could go count the characters in the first post or search the FAQ, but meh... don't wanna.

Mom did much better today, and did go to the doctor this morning. Her blood count was normal, so that's good. Her doctor is still a complete freakin' idiot, and didn't even think it was blood she was throwing up but it couldn't have been anything else and his idea of what it was made no sense at all and regardless, he doesn't plan to do anything about it. But at least her blood count was normal, and the episode seems to be over with, and that's what I'm focusing on. That, and the fact that I still desperately want her and my Dad to switch to a different primary care physician.

Enough about that, though. Thanks to Leah and Bex and Liz and Lidia for the positive thoughts. ::hugs you all::

On a more upbeat note, did I tell you all that Leah and I are going to the Panic show in San Jose now too? So we'll see Panic and The Cab and those other two bands on Oct. 11, 12 and 14. Whew. It's gonna be AWESOME!!!!
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Huge thanks to everyone for their well wishes on my last post.  It must have helped - no pus pockets here!  It was 'just' a cold, although I feel like I'm still recovering from it.  I've just been exhausted and sleeping a ridiculous number of hours a day - though never more than 2 or 3 hours at a time UGH.  Add to that my monthly loathing of my uterus and my gradually increasing problems - back, neck and chest pain and headaches - due to my over-sized boobs... and things aren't fun physically.  But... that's all taking a back seat for the moment. 

Mom spent most of the day in the emergency room today.  Her blood pressure was really low (74/46) and she was really dizzy and lightheaded and nauseated.  They gave her IV fluids and did a ton of lab work and got her BP back up into the normal range.  The lab work really didn't show anything that just jumped out and said "this is what caused the drop in BP."  There were a few levels that were slightly off, but nothing really significant.  She's home tonight, but still not feeling well and has a doctor's appt. tomorrow.  I've had major issues with her doctor's prescribing habits for years now, and the fact that he's had her on BP medicine when she hasn't had high blood pressure in quite some time and has never had excessively high blood pressure makes me especially irritated now.  I've never met the man, but I plan to tomorrow.  One way or another, I'm going to that appointment with her.  I've been 'threatening' to accompany my Mom to one of her doc appointments for a long time now, and this ER visit today was the last straw.  There have been all sorts of other medication issues too, but I won't get into all that here.  My Dad sees this same doctor and has had the same kinds of problems with prescribing issues.  Nothing illegal, mind you.  Just an excessive belief in 'better living through chemicals' and dosing and drug choices that constantly make us all go "huh?"  So we'll see what he has to say tomorrow.

Now, I must try to get some decent, restful sleep.  Drugs will probably be necessary.


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