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I love them all. All pics taken after the final Phantom Planet show on Friday night. I'm so incredibly glad I was able to go to this show.

(click for larger versions)

Me and Darren
Me and Darren

Me and Jeff
Me and Jeff

Me and Sam
Me and Sam

Alex and I
Alex and I

Me and Ryan
Me and Ryan

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Ryan and Keltie are still together. Both Ryan and his friend (and ex-gf) Kate - who does bear a striking resemblance to Keltie - confirmed this when I met both of them after the Phantom Planet show on Friday night. Actually it was at about 2am Saturday morning, but whatever.

Read more here:
and here:

The whole concept of ~rumors is just... I don't know. I just love the way they come flying out of the mouths (and/or keyboards) of people who haven't even made an effort to find out the truth. Wild assumptions FTW! Not.

I can't honestly say 100% for certain that there was no making out. I didn't have my eyes on them throughout the entire show. I mean... I was there to see Phantom Planet, not make sure Ryan wasn't cheating on his girlfriend. But to me, Ryan's body language definitely didn't look like that of a person who was with anyone other than a good friend. Kate was playing with Ryan's hair and putting her head on his shoulder and they did have their arms around each other at times, but I didn't see anything remotely resembling making out.

I *can* say that I met and talked to both Ryan and Kate after the show. Kate introduced herself to me while Ryan was talking to some other fans, and she and I talked for several minutes. She told me that she and Ryan dated a bit back before Ryan met Keltie and that they've stayed friends ever since. We had a significant enough conversation that when Ryan came back over to us, he said (while smiling - I swear he was smiling the whole night), "Are you girls bonding?" I just said "yep" and grinned. Kate said "Jennifer, I love you, man" and gave me a big hug. She uses the expression "man" the way some people call everyone "dude" or whatever. ::shrug::

Ryan claimed to recognize me from the Panic M&G's I've met him at. I suppose he could at least remember that he'd seen my face before - I have met him twice this year. He and I talked a bit about Black Gold. According to him, Eric was supposed to be at the show as well, but bailed because he and Than have been working on their latest video.

There's more, including my pic with Ryan that Kate took, but I'll post all that later. Oh - and I do know why Keltie's blog makes it sound a little like she and Ryan are breaking up. They aren't, but I know now what she means about the timing being wrong. I'm not going to explain further than that, except to say again that according to both Kate and Ryan, Ryan and Keltie are still together.

Anyway, I'm going back to bed. Been sleep deprived for a couple of days due to the trip to LA and back. It was SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT THOUGH OMG!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALEX, DARREN, JEFF AND SAM AND I LOVE RYAN ROSS, who was SO NICE to me even though he was sick and yes... I love you too, Kate. You didn't know me at all, and you were so friendly and sweet. Thank you for that. Oh, and I did get a hug from each of the guys in Phantom Planet, and a hug from Ryan as well. Life is good. And I want to move to LA so badly I can taste it.

P.S. - Someone posted some great pics from the show here: I don't see Kate in any of them though.


Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 06:10 pm
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Having a great time in Seattle with [ profile] darksylvia. Had Meet & Greet with Panic last night and it was great! My photo is a little blurry though. Loads of other good photos and video clips - some full songs - from all three shows. I may not get them uploaded until after I get back home Saturday night though. We'll see. Maybe I can get the photos uploaded before then, and at least get a start on the videos.

Met some nice people at the Sacramento and Everett (Seattle) shows too. ::waves::

More later. If you have [ profile] darksylvia friended, she has awesome recaps for all 3 RockBand shows and the Razia's Shadow listening party up in her journal. She's rad. ;-)
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Things are getting crazier. Mom is still recovering from her foot surgery that took place at the end of August. She's getting around a lot better now, and no major bandage changes are required anymore (I was doing all of her bandage changes), but she still needs a lot of help and isn't driving again yet. Just yesterday she realized I'll be gone all next week and she'll have to ask Dad if she needs help with something. She hates asking Dad for help - he's a total grouch when anyone asks him to do anything, it seems like.

So anyway, my schedule for the next little while:

Oct. 11-18 - Panic Extravaganza and trip to Seattle with [ profile] darksylvia
Oct. 19 - Mom's birthday
Oct. 20 - Dad's eye surgery (outpatient, but can't drive for a while)
Oct. 22-24 - at my sister's; she's having surgery for a femoral hernia (outpatient, but can't lift her son for a while)
Unknown date in first 2 weeks of November - Dad's other surgery (um... being done by a colo-rectal surgeon... more serious than hemorrhoids... let's just leave it at that)
Nov. 13 - Black Gold concert in San Francisco

At least that month of craziness begins and ends with fun stuff. And there is a bit of a break, hopefully, after my sister's surgery.

I was planning to have surgery this year to get my VNS implant removed, but I don't think that's going to happen. At least the implant isn't causing me any problems. It's just weird that it's still inside my body when it's been turned off for longer than it was turned on.

Ah well. One day at a time. :-| Must get to bed. Up far too late as it is.
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I am going to see Black Gold in LA on Sunday night! Yes! I made it work. I had dreamed up a plan to go down there and see them Sunday and stay a few days visiting with my aunt, uncle and cousins and then see Black Gold play again on Wednesday night, but that was maybe a little over-ambitious and it won't, unfortunately, work out (free accommodations are only available on Sunday night). But still - Sunday night! Black Gold! YES!!!

Any LA people want to go with me?

Click here for more on Black Gold )

In other wonderfully fabulous news, [ profile] darksylvia and I both have our plane reservations for our Panic At The Disco concert exchange extravaganza! She's flying down here for the Sacramento show (Oct. 12th), then we're both flying back to Seattle for the show up there (Oct. 14th), and then I'm staying a few extra days with her. Because she's so awesome and wonderful and cool.

And did I mention that WE'RE SEEING PANIC AT THE DISCO TOGETHER AGAIN??? TWICE???? That will make 4 times we have seen them together this year. This is also incredibly awesome and wonderful and cool. :-D

I ♥ you Leah!! We get to reinvent ♥ with Panic AGAIN!!!

Other not-so-good news about my emotional health and my poor sick birdie... )

Hope everything is well with all of you, wonderful f-list people. :-)
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I have a huge favor to ask if anyone does get that channel. I need someone to record the first episode of Long Way Down for me tonight. It airs at 9pm Eastern and repeats at 12 midnight Eastern tonight.

I'm going to try and get my Dish Network upgraded to the next package so I'll have the channel - hopefully in time for the next episode to air next Saturday - but there's no way they'll do it in time for me to record today's episode.

I'll take whatever format recording I can get - DVD, downloadable .avi or almost any other video file type, even a VHS tape.

The second cameraman on the show is a friend of mine, and I was down in LA night before last for a special screening of a so-called director's cut of the whole show that they screened in theaters across the US. I went to the one in Century City since Jimmy - my cameraman friend - was going to that one. Turned out Ewan McGregor (who stars in Long Way Down) was there too, along with Ron Howard (who is directing the film Ewan is currently working on with Tom Hanks in LA) and a bunch of other celebs I can't remember at the moment. I saw Ewan and Ron, but didn't talk to either of them - they were out of there pretty quick. Had a great time with Jimmy though. He's such an awesome person.

In case anyone's curious:

Ignore the lame-ass flash animation of the two bikes driving along the road. It doesn't look like that in the series *at all.* ::rolls eyes::

Can anyone help me out? Please please please? I'll pay for shipping and whatever. ::looks pathetic and hopeful::

Jen (who is still feeling great and obviously still getting out and living life and whoa it's exhilarating!)

P.S. - I'll post pics of me and Jimmy together and my review of the screening and report on my adventures a little later. But I had SO much fun! I almost don't care that Shane has now defriended me on Facebook. Jimmy is a better cinematographer than Shane anyway, and much better looking too. ;-) Okay, maybe I'm partly saying that because Jimmy is a real friend and Shane couldn't care less about me, but Jimmy really is awesome. SO awesome. And he'll probably laugh at me when he reads this. LOL


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