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Please point anyone and everyone this way that you think might be interested. I'm thinking about doing all sorts of fandoms, bandoms, actors, musicians, critters and abstract stuff as well. Maybe even taking requests.

Wallpaper-wise, I was most prolific in the QAF fandom, but I've also done X-Files, Latter Days & Steve Sandvoss and Brokeback Mountain. You can check them out in the gallery on my waaaaay outdated site here. I can't remember if you have to set up an account in the gallery right now to view the wallpapers or not. I've had trouble with image theft in the past and kept going back and forth as far as making them members only. Just let me know if you have trouble viewing them.

Anyway, here's what I need from you guys:

[Poll #1445316]

If it won't let you vote in the poll, make sure you're logged into LJ. If you don't have a LJ account, just leave me a comment on this post. Anon comments are allowed. Thanks!!

Please don't suggest subject matter yet... I'm easily overwhelmed. Not joking about that.

Hi to all my new friends, btw, many of whom I met at the Panic!/No Doubt show in San Diego a little over a week ago. \o/ Welcome to my insanity/obsession, such as it is.
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Saw this over on [ profile] bandslashmania and thought I'd spam you all with it as well.

From NPR: Take The Poll: Best CDs of the Year (So Far)

We have hit the halfway point in 2008. What are you loving so far? Below is a list of 50 albums to get you thinking. Choose five of these, or submit a write-in for whatever isn't on this list, but in the end choose only five total CDs. If we get a groundswell for something not on the list, we'll will add it.
You can also put the poll on your site blog or facebook page by clicking the share button at the bottom of the list.

To write in your choice, put a comment on the blog. Voting ends July 2.

To the Poll... )

Surely there are more than 247 people (that's the count right now as I'm posting this) that think Pretty. Odd. is in the top 5, right?

x-posting to [ profile] patd, because... why not?
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Passing this on from the Rrambles Yahoo Group (Thanks Heather!):

The poll question on the "Daily Buzz" asks how you feel about gay couples kissing on TV.

Right now "It bothers me" is ahead with 47%. Let's change that!

Here's the link (the poll is at the bottom of the page, on the right):

We're catching up! Right now it's at:
It bothers me: 39%
It doesn't bother me: 25%
There should be more of it on TV: 36%

Come on gang! Look at my icon (by the wonderful [ profile] paddies) - we do need more of that on TV!!!

Unrelated note: my Demon Super!Cold is hanging on, but just slightly. I'm probably 95% back to being my old, annoying self!
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Found this info here:
Psst, start saving up now -- permanent accounts will be available for sale sometime in the next few months. A permanent LJ account is a paid account that never expires; you guys have been asking for them a lot lately, and we're going to have a limited-time sale in the near future. We'll give you more details, including the price, as we come closer to setting a date.

So any of you who were jealous of me when I got mine wishing you'd purchased one last time they were available, I'd be watching [ profile] news if I were you. And btw, the cost was $150 last time around, which was on June 7, 2005. One day only.

And now, a poll. Because I've been wondering...

[Poll #951597]

If anyone is curious, I have IE 6, Firefox and Netscape. Why? Mainly because I like to be able to check the websites I make to see how they look in different browsers. And I use both Firefox and IE 6 regularly - probably 50/50. I love Firefox, but there are still some sites that won't work in anything other than IE, plus IE is still set as my default, which means anytime I click on a link in an email it'll open in IE. But Firefox has been steadily gaining on IE, no question (for me, I mean... not just in general).

Part of the reason I'm wondering about the IE 7 upgrade is because:
  • PC World and similar magazines/sites are recommending that you upgrade to 7 if you use IE at all, because even though it's not as good as Firefox, it's much more secure than IE 6, apparently.

  • I'm not sure I want to lose IE 6 if a lot of people are still using it, and I don't think it's possible to have 2 different versions of IE on your system at the same time. (If I'm wrong about that - please tell me how to do it!) That would mean I couldn't check my sites in the browser most people use to visit my sites, and to me that would be a bad thing.

So... what say you all? Share your wisdom with me! taking notes


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