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Things are getting crazier. Mom is still recovering from her foot surgery that took place at the end of August. She's getting around a lot better now, and no major bandage changes are required anymore (I was doing all of her bandage changes), but she still needs a lot of help and isn't driving again yet. Just yesterday she realized I'll be gone all next week and she'll have to ask Dad if she needs help with something. She hates asking Dad for help - he's a total grouch when anyone asks him to do anything, it seems like.

So anyway, my schedule for the next little while:

Oct. 11-18 - Panic Extravaganza and trip to Seattle with [ profile] darksylvia
Oct. 19 - Mom's birthday
Oct. 20 - Dad's eye surgery (outpatient, but can't drive for a while)
Oct. 22-24 - at my sister's; she's having surgery for a femoral hernia (outpatient, but can't lift her son for a while)
Unknown date in first 2 weeks of November - Dad's other surgery (um... being done by a colo-rectal surgeon... more serious than hemorrhoids... let's just leave it at that)
Nov. 13 - Black Gold concert in San Francisco

At least that month of craziness begins and ends with fun stuff. And there is a bit of a break, hopefully, after my sister's surgery.

I was planning to have surgery this year to get my VNS implant removed, but I don't think that's going to happen. At least the implant isn't causing me any problems. It's just weird that it's still inside my body when it's been turned off for longer than it was turned on.

Ah well. One day at a time. :-| Must get to bed. Up far too late as it is.
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I've started up a blog - completely separate from LJ - where I can keep track of and share my experiences with VNS Therapy. I'll still come over here for anything fandom related, or anything else not related to depression and VNS, but I wanted the VNS stuff on a separate site so that I could share the link with my family and anyone who's looking for patients' accounts of VNS Therapy.

So, here it is: Jen's VNS Therapy Diary

If you've been reading my posts here, there isn't very much over there that will be new to you. Just a couple of posts, I think. But I plan to go back and add more details and of course continue posting as we keep adjusting the settings on my implant.

Now if I can just get my fanart site back up and running... ::sigh::

Help please??

Saturday, March 11th, 2006 06:21 am
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I know a few of you out there know how to save streaming Real media files, right?  I found something that I really would like to be able to keep - a streaming video of the surgical procedure I had done 3 weeks ago.  I know... some people would gross out at the idea of seeing a procedure that had been done on them, or any surgical procedure for that matter.  Not me.  I would really like to have this for my files because they talk a lot about VNS during the procedure too and it was really interesting and... well, I just really want it. 

This site apparently broadcasts all different kinds of surgeries as live streaming media, and then keeps them archived on the site for a year or so after it first aired.  So... this file won't always be there. 

The site is called OR-Live and here's the link to the specific broadcast I'm interested in.  All I need is the "View Live Webcast" file - the other two aren't important. 

Can anyone help me?


Thursday, February 23rd, 2006 01:04 pm
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I just took a shower... left me a little dizzy, but it is so good to be clean! 

Also... took the Steri-Strips off the incisions yesterday.  They were basically all falling off anyway.  Added pics here.

Gotta run.  Post-op appt. with surgeon in an hour and a half, and it takes over an hour to get there.  Eeek!  heh
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Yeah, I know I owe you all an update and have for 2 or 3 days now, but I've just been so exhausted, and when I'm actually awake and on the computer, the last thing I want to think about is all this surgery stuff.  But I'm definitely improving some every day, and it feels like my head is really starting to clear finally.  So...

Boring post-op stuff. )
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Just took another Vicodin, so I'm gonna try and give you a little update before I go back to la la land...

Pain is better today - not completely better, of course - but manageable. There were two incisions. One on my left upper chest - actually quite close to my armpit. I barely notice that one pain-wise. The other is right across my neck and is very painful. Very. Better today than yesterday, as I said, but OMG it hurts like hell.

I've had this weird wheezing problem ever since I woke up in recovery though. It's getting better, but it's been rather distressing, since it wasn't easily explained. I suspect that it's due to a rather shoddy intubation job, because I also have a very painful scratch at the back of my throat, and I think it was probably a bit swollen. But it wasn't affecting my oxygenation levels at the hospital yesterday, so it can't be too serious. They wouldn't have let me go home if my O2 sats were low.

I just realized that the dressing over my neck incision is itchy. I take that as a good sign - if the pain was really overwhelming, I don't think I'd notice the itch as much. LOL I get to take the dressing off tonight anyway.

ETA: My surgeon just called to check on me. Agreed about the reason behind the wheezing, but - of course - said to call or go to the local ER if it gets to be a problem. He's nice. :-)

Thanks to everyone for the kind notes and words of support and concern and I got flowers today and a really nice spa/relaxation basket on Wednesday and OMG I love all of you... you're wonderful people...

Okay... nighty night.

Oops, must stay awake long enough to post this in my LJ... (did I make it?)
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Hello everyone.

I received an email from [ profile] jenepherre letting me know that she was now home. She is currently in a lot of pain, but will update when she can.
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Hey gang...

Much much thanks to everyone who left such kind, supportive notes on my last post. I wish I could respond to all of them individually... I wanted to respond to all of them individually, but I seem to have other things on my mind at the moment. Go figure. But you have no idea how much I appreciate all of the posts.

I need to get my hair cut either today or tomorrow. It's down to my waist again. I haven't had it cut since... well since this time ===> !! Hopefully I can get my butt out of the house and do it (rather than doing it myself like last time).

So... remember this iPod thing? It took them awhile, but they actually did come through! Not with what they originally promised, but this proud owner of a brand new, free, black 2gig iPod nano isn't going to complain. I've actually had it for two or three weeks now... something like that. It's all filled up with pretty music, lovely pictures, and fanfic. Yep, fanfic on an iPod nano. Kewl, huh? You can put text files of 4kb each - as many as you have room for - on any of the latest iPods with displays (see here), but what kind of fanfic is only 4kb? Well, I found this nifty program that takes any size text file and breaks it up into neat little 4kb files complete with an index, just for this very purpose (well, not necessarily fanfic, but making larger text files fit on iPods). It's called the iPod Ebook creator, and you can get it free here. Granted, the 1.5" screen on a nano is kinda small to be reading fanfic on, but I don't have a PDA or a laptop and I hate printing fanfic, so this is the first time I've ever been able to read fanfic in bed. All that, and I can play Solitaire on it too!

So thank you to everyone who helped me get my wonderful little toy. I you!! I've got pics of my nieces and nephews on it, as well as pics of Gale, Ewan, Hayden, Orlando, Heath & Jake, and Steve (Sandvoss). I'm taking it to the hospital with me - the parents will protect it while I'm having metal things stuffed inside me - and then I'll have all these wonnerful things right there with me.

Speaking of the stuffing in of metal things, my dear darling drkcherry Elaine will post a note here on my LJ Thursday night to let you know if they cut my carotid artery accidentally or electrocuted me when they turned the unit on to test it or... you know... if everything went exactly as planned and I'm just fine blah blah blah. (I'm allowed to joke - this thing is only... ::looks at clock:: about 51 hours away.)

Anyhow... um... Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

ETA: Icon sized! Happy Valentine's Day! Free to anyone who sees it (the big one too, for that matter).

P.S. - XOXOXOXOXO to [ profile] qafhappy for the lovely LJ gift of virtual chocolates here and to [ profile] qafaddiction for the so-sweet Valentine icon. ::hugs her two qaf-gals::

One Week

Thursday, February 9th, 2006 11:29 am
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Making a public post about this 'cause... well, just 'cause. A lot of this is a repeat for those of you on one of my friends filters.

I'm having surgery a week from today - the 16th. It's elective surgery - nothing life threatening - and it'll probably just be an outpatient procedure, although they have me scheduled as an inpatient just in case.

The details, for those who want them. )

I think what I'll do - if it matters to anyone - is give my LJ password to a friend and have them post an update for me the night of the 16th. I can get Mom or Dad to send an email to a few people if I'm not up to doing it myself (or if I do end up staying in the hospital overnight), and one of them can post it here for me. But the surgery itself really shouldn't be a big deal. I hope.

To my dear
Happiest Birthday wishes

- a little early, as I'll probably be a bit forgetful the day before all this happens. Hope it's a great one!

Happy Birthday Skyler!


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