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Huge thanks and hugs to all who left me birthday wishes! If anyone posted in their own journal and I didn't comment on it, please tell me. I did read through my friends page on my b-day, but so so far from perfect and could have missed something. And I don't want to miss anything, 'cause I love you all. Special thanks to [ profile] aqualegia for the yummy virtual cocktail. :-D

To all of you, from me:

In other news... )

Not going to talk about how incredibly disappointed I am in California's Supreme Court. Just know that I am incredibly disappointed, but not really surprised.

That is all for now! Yay for real LJ entries, y/y?
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Hi all!

Thanks so much to everyone who left me birthday wishes or sent me v-gifts or e-cards or even just thought about me on or around my birthday Sunday (that pretty much covers everyone, right? LOL). I had a very nice day with my brother, sis-in-law, niece and 3 nephews complete with Baskin Robbins ice cream cake - my favorite! The three older kids sang Happy Birthday to me, which was *hilarious!* All 3 really know how to ham it up! LOL

I've been here in Virginia for about 4 1/2 weeks now and I fly home on Saturday. I really want to stay though!

It's been an eventful month - both good and bad - and I hope you all will forgive me for being scarce. I've spent a *lot* of time helping with my new nephew, who is now about 10 weeks old. He's the fourth child for my brother and his wife, and the other 3 are really a handful, so I've had fun playing with the adorable baby who coos and smiles at me while the parents wrangle the other kids. Actually, all 4 kids are pretty wonderful and I'm going to miss them terribly when I leave.

Events (other than the Panic At The Disco concert in DC on April 30th, which I never really did a proper post about and probably never will now, but it was fantastic!!!) of the past few weeks:

A few days after the Panic concert, I slipped on the stairs and badly bruised my ankle (I thought that was the worse injury at the time) and bruised/possibly fractured my tailbone. My ankle is fine now. My tailbone? Not so much. I haven't been to the doctor or anything - not sure they're much they can do anyway other than confirm whether or not it's fractured - but it hurts a *lot.* I'm fine if I'm just standing or lying down or (in most chairs) sitting, but going from standing to sitting or vice versa is excruciating. It hasn't slowed me down too much though.

We took all of the kids to see Speed Racer in IMAX. Not a movie I would normally care about, but watching it with the kiddos made it *so* much fun! They were literally dancing to the music that played over the end credits. It was so cute. :-D

My uncle - the one who had the brain aneurysm a few months ago - passed away about a week ago. I wanted to go to the funeral so badly - he really meant a lot to me - but there was just no way. My parents drove up to Idaho for it, but I stayed here in Virginia. My aunt was very understanding, of course, but I wish I could have found a way to be there that didn't cost close to $1000. If I'd been home in California at the time, I could have driven up with Mom & Dad, but... ::shrug:: That's the way it goes sometimes, I guess. My uncle did pass very peacefully at home in his own bed during his sleep, and we can't ask for much more than that, can we? It is a comfort to all of us to know that he's no longer trapped in a body that no longer allowed him to do the things he loved to do, or even the simple everyday things we all take for granted.

My internet time has be limited due to all of the above things, combined with only having an internet connection in one room of the house - a room you can't keep the kids out of no matter how hard you try. Heh. I'm not used to having to censure everything I read and view online. I've had to avoid porn and even most of the fanfic I usually read! It's been awful! Although [ profile] darksylvia still hasn't posted any new bandslash, so I didn't miss anything there. Better get crackin' though, L. I'll be home in less than a week and I need new fic from you!!

TV watching has been non-existent. My brother doesn't have cable. Or satellite. Or even rabbit ears for his fancy widescreen TV home theater system. Can you imagine? I did see the movie Transformers though. With my 3 year old nephew shouting "Bumblebee" every few minutes. LOL But alas, I have seen no new episodes of Supernatural, nor have I seen Galeface's episode of Desperate Housewives. Though I heard his scene is really short? Hmmm.

It should come as no big surprise that I haven't kept up with my f-list at all. Happiest of birthdays to anyone whose birthday I missed. Hugs to anyone who needs them. High-fives (or my lame attempts at them - just ask Jon Walker haha) to anyone who has had happy, exciting moments.

It should also come as no surprise that... I think I had more I wanted to say, but I can't remember what... fairly typical of me really. If nothing else, I am predictable. ::lame grin::

ETA: LJ's spell-check:
bandslash     band slash, band-slash, bands lash, bands-lash, bounteously

YES! The bandslash should be bounteous!!! Please share links to your fave PATD bandslash stories from the past month or so! Any pairing. Porn preferred. ;-D


Saturday, May 19th, 2007 05:12 am
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Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes yesterday. I'm still going to try and reply to each of you individually and finish going through my flist since I found out there are a few posts there that I really should look at. I know I said I never check my flist anymore, and I don't, but jeez... I think I can manage to do it one day out of the year at least, right? Heh.

My birthday kind of sucked, but not in the way I expected. I came down with some stomach bug or maybe a mild case of food poisoning, so my birthday dinner was chicken soup and I had a little bit of raspberry sorbet in lieu of cake. Will have to do the actual birthday dinner a little later. Oh well.

Got some nice prezzies though!! A graphic design book I wanted, a CD, a couple of DVDs (that I totally wasn't expecting - thank you thank you thank you to you-know-who-you-are!) and a pretty new bedspread and pillow shams for my bed. Oh - and another DVD that I got early, which was good because I absolutely could not wait for that one! Will Kemp!! Dancing!! Yum. ;-) A couple of lovely drawings by one of my nieces, who is quite the artist. She used aluminum foil as wrapping paper for some reason her mom couldn't understand, but hey - shiny! LOL And I've been told that at least one gift is yet to come, so... despite the food poisoning, I guess I can't complain too much, huh?

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the gifts, kind wishes, limericks, virtual LJ gift and everything else. It all made turning... um... that number of years I've been alive now... suck slightly less. Plus, I think the higher dose of my antidepressant might be finally starting to work a bit. ::fingers crossed::

Now then... I already wished my dear [ profile] armandlegg a happy birthday for today, but apparently it's also [ profile] sfscarlet's birthday!

Hope you have a great birthday Birthday Balloonssfscarlet!

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Just posting to say hi and thank you to those who have left kind words here for me recently. Or anytime, really. I know I'm terrible about personally replying to people, but I really do appreciate those of you who take the time to leave me a note.

I'm not sure what made me think of this today, but I just had to see Will Kemp's Gap commercial... this man owns me. Well, several men own me, actually. Gale Harold. Jensen Ackles. Mmmm... Jensen. What was I talking about?

Will's Gap commercial, for your viewing pleasure... )

Night all! Pleasant dreams!


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