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So, ummm... Usually I love it when the parents take off for a while and I have the house to myself, but I'm kind of not in a good place depression-wise right now, and I think being here alone might be bad rather than good at the moment. :|

So yeah, I guess I just kind of dove right into the whole here's how I'm doing thing. )

Mostly, I've just been sleeping, or watching The Owl Box. 'Cause fuzzy little baby owl butts pretty much always make me smile. Seriously, they are adorable.

Note: this post has taken me more than 24 hours to write. If that helps give you an idea of where my concentration level is at. Also, screw proper sentence structure. :-P
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HI! I should totally be in bed right now, but I was so close to having my new LJ layout done... I just had to finish it and get it up. Come look!

Beyond that, things are going pretty damn good. The depression is so much better than it has been in years. If only my body was in good enough shape physically to keep up with my mood... but I'm slowly working on that.

So... things going on with me, in no particular order:

  • I have to get bifocals. :-(

  • I am leaving in a few hours for Los Angeles. Will be staying with my uncle near Anaheim and going to the Panic At The Disco mini-concert on Tuesday that they're doing for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Yay!

  • I really need to color my hair. I wanted to do that before this LA trip, but it's not looking good, time-wise. Maybe I can do it at my uncle's house. Not ideal, but ::shrug::

  • Panic's new album - called Pretty. Odd. - officially comes out on Tuesday, and it is PHENOMENAL. Yes, I've already heard the whole thing. has been streaming it since the 18th, and there are wonderful Panic fans who know how to rip that stuff. Thank you fellow Panic fans!

  • [ profile] darksylvia - who is awesome - is going with me to see Panic on the first night of the Honda Civic Tour, which they are headlining. This is on April 10th in San Francisco. YAY!!!!!

  • I became an auntie for the 9th time on March 10th. Another nephew, making a total of 5 nephews and 4 nieces. Baby Samuel is perfect, of course.

  • I leave for DC (my brother's place in Virginia, actually) on April 19th and am staying until May 24th. Lots of time to get to know baby Samuel and get reacquainted with his wonderful siblings and parents.

  • While I'm in Virginia, I'm taking a little over a day to go up to NYC and see Randy Harrison in Antony & Cleopatra. Another YAY moment!

  • I put up ticker thingies for all these big events that are coming up on my profile page. I'm a dork that way. LOL

  • I know there's more, but that's all I can think of for now. Not much detail on some of those things, but I have no time! All of last week was crazy busy, and until I get back from LA Wednesday evening, this week will be the same. And really, if you think about it, I've got major stuff going on from now until I get back from Virginia toward the end of May. Isn't that awesome? I actually have a life!

    Well, better get to bed. Later all!
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::content but exhausted sigh::

Made it home safe and sound (well, safe anyway.. hehe) late last night after an almost-too-long and yet not-quite-long-enough visit with my brother and his family in Virginia. I was sick most of the time I was there, but that quickly became a minor worry as my Mother got much sicker... we had to take her to the emergency room (the damned urgent care clinics out there refused to see her because she has Medicare ::angry grimace::). Diagnosis was COPD with possible pneumonia. She's doing some better now (much better stress-wise now that we're home, of course, so hopefully that will help her recovery), and she saw her own doctor this morning, got some different antibiotics, and he confirmed that she is slowing improving. So that's a relief. But it's pretty damn scary when your Mother tells you that she'd rather die than keep feeling the way she does.

Had a great time despite the health issues though. Saw some fantastic places, and took... not sure... somewhere around 500 pictures. Almost 200 of those were taken at Falling Water in southwest Pennsylvania. Incredible place. Gorgeous and just... amazing. Truly impressive. Planning to set up a gallery on one of my sites specifically for all the photos I've taken on this trip, and will share the link once it's up.

I've only scanned through my email for the past several days, but I did notice a number of birthday wishes - you guys are awesome! Thanks! I'll do my best to respond to each one personally, but I have to read them all first! :-)

Anyway... just wanted to check in and let you all know I got home okay. More later.

Hugs to all,

Checking in...

Sunday, May 14th, 2006 09:40 pm
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Hi all... still alive. Not kicking, but alive. Still have my nasty cold and my allergies are horrible, but I still think it's gorgeous out here in Virginia. Went to Falling Water as planned on Friday, but skipped the other FLLW house we were planning to see that day. I was just so exhausted after Falling Water, and my dad and brother didn't care one way or the other. I took almost 200 pics at Falling Water, but probably only 2/3 or so of them are worth keeping. Incredible place. I highly recommend it, and especially recommend doing the in-depth tour as opposed to the regular tour. You see more, you get to take pictures, and they give you time to take pictures. I'll have to put mine up on one of my sites after I get home and get them sorted.

One classic view for now (I'll have to try and erase all the people on the one balcony/patio thing... of course there was no way to get a pic without them there):

Not much else to tell. We were planning to do a boat tour up the Potomac for my birthday on Thursday, but it looks like the weather will be better on Tuesday, so we'll probably do it then instead. Just from Alexandria to Georgetown and back. Should be fun.

Might skip touring the Capitol on Wednesday though. Just not that interested in it, and I'm getting kind of sick of sight seeing.

Coming home on Friday... will no doubt be jet-lagged. Had no trouble when we came out here, but I think going back is going to be a lot harder. Um, as far as jet lag anyway. Other than that, it'll be nice to be home. Love it here, love my brother and his family, but I also love my own bed and my own computer and my nice, quiet home.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I'm still not reading my friends page at all, so I would have no idea. Pathetic, I know. (That also means I won't see any birthday wishes that get posted in any of your LJs... not saying I expect anything, but if someone were to send me b-day wishes, I'd want to know so I could thank them. Does that make sense?)

Must get to bed soon. Plus my sis-in-law wants the computer. Heh. Later!


Friday, May 5th, 2006 06:36 pm
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So, I'm in beautiful, green Virginia at my brother's nice house. And my kiddos are adorable! And I just about needed a wheelchair in Dulles airport... I was so short of breath I didn't think I'd make it out. The pulses from the VNS implant make my asthma so much worse. I did get an inhaler to take with me, and it did help some.

Anyhoo... to [ profile] drkcherry - thanks for the note. :-)
To [ profile] darksylvia - you rock.
To [ profile] sandid - love ya hon.
To [ profile] blkandwhtcat - sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to your email before I left.
To the "team" - they know who they are - just a general shout-out. :-)
To [ profile] llvoncan - I don't think Alabama is going to work, but let's still look at meeting in Richmond, if that's okay.

Can't remember who else I owe messages to. ::sigh:: If I owe you a message, email me again.

(no subject)

Saturday, April 8th, 2006 01:41 pm
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Updated my VNS diary last night, in case anyone is interested. I'm doing pretty good, all things considered.

DismayStill haven't got my fanart site back up - mainly because I'm just too damn picky.  Hopefully I'll have it up before I go on vacation next month.

Ach!  That reminds me!  I need to find a new co-moderator for [ profile] galerandylove. Obviously I should post a message over there, but if anyone sees this and is interested, send me a note.

Oh - trailer for Gale's movie "East Broadway" is up on the Tribeca Film Festival site.  Click here.  Gale looks gorgeous, for the most part, but I'm just not buying the romance in it.

Computing More later maybe.  Stuff to do.

P.S. - LJ's rich text editor is total crap.


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