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you are everything

you're everything that I'm not

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Birthdate:May 18, 1967
Location:Lodi, California, United States of America

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About Me

You don't really want to hear about me. I'm boring.

But if you must know... I'm ::cough:: just past my late 30's. Straight. Single, no kids. Six nephews & four nieces, all of them gorgeous. Two budgies (parakeets). Have suffered from fairly severe depression my entire life (and I'm not afraid to talk about it, so ask away if you have questions). Implanted with a Vagus Nerve Stimulator in Feb. '06 for my treatment resistant depression. Turned the damned implant off in Oct. '06. Former pharmacy technician. Always wanted to go to medical school, but after being diagnosed with cancer at age 24 I came to the conclusion that I just wouldn't have the physical or emotional strength to get through it. I'm very into graphic arts and web design. I was raised in the Mormon church, and while my entire family is still active in it, I most definitely am not. Except for a couple of detours to New Mexico and Utah, I've lived in Northern California my entire life. And that's about it. Except for all the stuff listed in my interests section, of course. See? Just like I said. Boring.

Icons & Friending

A lot of my icons were made by me. The ones I didn't make are credited to the artist. Please respect my notes in the keywords of each icon I made that indicate whether I'm willing to share it or not, and whether you need to credit me. I do occasionally make icons where I don't care if I'm credited or not. Thanks.

I don't really have a friending policy, which basically means that everyone is welcome. That doesn't mean I'll automatically friend you back though. I really try to keep my f-list to a manageable size. But the majority of my posts are public anyway, so you won't be missing much if I don't friend you back. Really. Read the "About Me" section again. Booor-ing. ::nods::

Other Stuff

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These are just here so I can easily copy/paste them when I want to: ★ ☆ ♬ ♫ ♪ ♥ ♡

Interests (150):

30 seconds to mars, adam lambert, adam's eyebrow thing, adam's pelvic thrusts, adam/tommy, agnosticism, alistair paxton, alone time, alternative music, anti-discrimination, anti-homophobia, anxiety disorder, art, bandslash, bdsm, birds, black gold, black gold ♥'s you!, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing, brendon urie, brendon urie dancing, brian kinney, budgies, chocolate, cock ring gloves, computers, concerts, dallon weekes, david bowie, depeche mode, depression, digital art, director/cinematographers, draco malfoy, eeyore, empires, eric ronick, erotica, ewan mcgregor, family, fanart, fanfiction, fonts, forgive durden, frank iero, frank lloyd wright, freesia, friends, fun., gale harold, gale's ass dimples, gale's eyebrow thing, gay erotica, gay rights, glam rock, glamnation, graphic design, graphics, harry potter, harry/draco, homoeroticism, ian crawford, icons, ipod, james simak's "the other", jared leto, jensen ackles, jensen's eyebrow thing, jimmy simak, jimmy simak's smile, johnny weir, jon walker, jon's eyebrow thing, kink, kissing, lambliff, latter days, leather, long way down, long way round, lyrics, making icons, max steger, merlin, merlin/arthur, mongolian wrestling costumes, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, nick lea, paint shop pro, panic! at the disco, parakeets, passion, patd, patrick stump, phantom planet, photo manipulation, photo restoration, photography, prince arthur, qaf, queer as folk, randy harrison, razia's shadow, real person fiction, realm films, reinventing ♥, road trips, rps, ryan luciani, sam farrar, scotland, sean van vleet, see's truffles, separation of church/state, sex, shane valdes, slash fic, social anxiety, spencer smith, stereophonics, supernatural, tattoos, than luu, the boxer rebellion, the brobecks, the hush sound, the like, the princess bride, the smiths, thomas dutton, tom conrad, tommy joe ratliff, tommy ratliff, twitter, vampires, vector art, velvet goldmine, we are really hardcore, web design, wikipedia, will kemp, will's snakey-hips, you know?, ₪ ø ξ .o·, ♂♂, ,
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