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I love them all. All pics taken after the final Phantom Planet show on Friday night. I'm so incredibly glad I was able to go to this show.

(click for larger versions)

Me and Darren
Me and Darren

Me and Jeff
Me and Jeff

Me and Sam
Me and Sam

Alex and I
Alex and I

Me and Ryan
Me and Ryan

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Ryan and Keltie are still together. Both Ryan and his friend (and ex-gf) Kate - who does bear a striking resemblance to Keltie - confirmed this when I met both of them after the Phantom Planet show on Friday night. Actually it was at about 2am Saturday morning, but whatever.

Read more here:
and here:

The whole concept of ~rumors is just... I don't know. I just love the way they come flying out of the mouths (and/or keyboards) of people who haven't even made an effort to find out the truth. Wild assumptions FTW! Not.

I can't honestly say 100% for certain that there was no making out. I didn't have my eyes on them throughout the entire show. I mean... I was there to see Phantom Planet, not make sure Ryan wasn't cheating on his girlfriend. But to me, Ryan's body language definitely didn't look like that of a person who was with anyone other than a good friend. Kate was playing with Ryan's hair and putting her head on his shoulder and they did have their arms around each other at times, but I didn't see anything remotely resembling making out.

I *can* say that I met and talked to both Ryan and Kate after the show. Kate introduced herself to me while Ryan was talking to some other fans, and she and I talked for several minutes. She told me that she and Ryan dated a bit back before Ryan met Keltie and that they've stayed friends ever since. We had a significant enough conversation that when Ryan came back over to us, he said (while smiling - I swear he was smiling the whole night), "Are you girls bonding?" I just said "yep" and grinned. Kate said "Jennifer, I love you, man" and gave me a big hug. She uses the expression "man" the way some people call everyone "dude" or whatever. ::shrug::

Ryan claimed to recognize me from the Panic M&G's I've met him at. I suppose he could at least remember that he'd seen my face before - I have met him twice this year. He and I talked a bit about Black Gold. According to him, Eric was supposed to be at the show as well, but bailed because he and Than have been working on their latest video.

There's more, including my pic with Ryan that Kate took, but I'll post all that later. Oh - and I do know why Keltie's blog makes it sound a little like she and Ryan are breaking up. They aren't, but I know now what she means about the timing being wrong. I'm not going to explain further than that, except to say again that according to both Kate and Ryan, Ryan and Keltie are still together.

Anyway, I'm going back to bed. Been sleep deprived for a couple of days due to the trip to LA and back. It was SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT THOUGH OMG!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALEX, DARREN, JEFF AND SAM AND I LOVE RYAN ROSS, who was SO NICE to me even though he was sick and yes... I love you too, Kate. You didn't know me at all, and you were so friendly and sweet. Thank you for that. Oh, and I did get a hug from each of the guys in Phantom Planet, and a hug from Ryan as well. Life is good. And I want to move to LA so badly I can taste it.

P.S. - Someone posted some great pics from the show here: I don't see Kate in any of them though.
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Leaving for LA. You can always follow me on Twitter if you want. OMG, FINAL PHANTOM PLANET SHOW! Happy to be going. But so sad too.

If there's a patron saint of avoiding speeding tickets, ask them to bless me for the next 6-7 hours, k?
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I just can't justify the cost of a hotel and gas and everything right now, plus I know there are lots of other people who really want to go to the show, so I decided to sell my tickets. I can't find *any* other tickets available for the show at this point. There were a few on Tickets Now - Ticketmaster's reseller site - a few days ago, but they're gone now and none of the other ticket selling sites seem to have any either.

Anyway... click here for the listing.

Some people might think it's a high starting bid, but it's actually low considering what I saw tickets listed for on Tickets Now. They had 2 tickets for $199 each and 6 tickets for $279 each. And they're all sold now.

Please, if anyone on my flist is going, please take video of the show? I'm really bummed about this, and even the idea of making a profit off the tickets doesn't cheer me up. Last show, last chance, bye bye. :-(

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 09:11 pm
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(originally from here)

OMG, how much do I love Greta and Alex?? Even though it must be tough for them, I love that The Hush Sound and Phantom Planet have been sharing a bus for the entire Honda Civic Tour and have ended up doing silly little things like make up songs about cereal together. It's adorable! Plus, I have a little crush on Alex. I do. He's gorgeous and tries so hard to look grungy and ugly, but it doesn't work Alex! And his corny sense of humor and his spazzing on (and off) stage and his creepy little laughs between lines of "Do The Panic." Yes. Just... yes. Plus, he used to model for The Gap. hahahaha


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