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Hey look! I made wallpaper! In 10 sizes, no less. Adam Lambert. Big surprise.

1024x768 | 1152x864 | 1280x960 | 1600x1200
1280x720 | 1366x768 | 1600x900
1280x800 | 1440x900 | 1920x1200

Watch the video of the photo shoot the pics I used are from, 'cause it's hot.

Hope you like. On the odd chance you need a different size, leave me a note and I'll fix it up for you.
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Please point anyone and everyone this way that you think might be interested. I'm thinking about doing all sorts of fandoms, bandoms, actors, musicians, critters and abstract stuff as well. Maybe even taking requests.

Wallpaper-wise, I was most prolific in the QAF fandom, but I've also done X-Files, Latter Days & Steve Sandvoss and Brokeback Mountain. You can check them out in the gallery on my waaaaay outdated site here. I can't remember if you have to set up an account in the gallery right now to view the wallpapers or not. I've had trouble with image theft in the past and kept going back and forth as far as making them members only. Just let me know if you have trouble viewing them.

Anyway, here's what I need from you guys:

[Poll #1445316]

If it won't let you vote in the poll, make sure you're logged into LJ. If you don't have a LJ account, just leave me a comment on this post. Anon comments are allowed. Thanks!!

Please don't suggest subject matter yet... I'm easily overwhelmed. Not joking about that.

Hi to all my new friends, btw, many of whom I met at the Panic!/No Doubt show in San Diego a little over a week ago. \o/ Welcome to my insanity/obsession, such as it is.
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They're everywhere! Why me? I'm by far not the only person out there who has made QAF and Gale wallpapers. So why do mine keep showing up all over the fucking place? Actually, that's not fair, because I know [ profile] madness2 has had hers used without permission plenty of times too. But fucking hell!

I'm really more amused than pissed... but still...

I was looking through all the lovely torrents on, and found a listing for "QAF Music" - it's someone's own QAF music mix, which is cool (although I have most of the songs already). But the photos he uploaded to go with the listing are two of my wallpapers (one Brian, one Gale), and then a pic of the cast from TV Guide. The cast pic totally fits with his post - makes perfect sense. But WTF? Two full size 800x600 wallpapers with my signature and "For personal use only" right there, in plain site, as obvious as Gale's sex appeal...?

Anyway, I sent the guy who posted the torrent a PM - his email address isn't in his profile - so we'll see what happens.

::cough:: So yeah. He's already removed them - the whole torrent actually, because he couldn't get it to work right - and apologized. So, um... nevermind. Rolling Eyes
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Yep, I actually have the site back online. Yeah, I can't believe it either. Open Mouth Heh.

InXplicable FanArt

The wallpaper gallery has a few new additions since it was last open to the public, most notably a couple of Brokeback Mountain wallpapers, but they aren't actually all that new. There's also a new-ish Gale one in there, although the pic I made it from isn't new.

You must have an account to access the galleries. If you already had one but can't remember your password, you can actually retrieve it yourself now, provided you know what email address you used when you signed up. You'll see the "I forgot my password" link on the gallery login page.

To get to the gallery, click on the Gallery link, read at least the first section of the rules, and then you'll see a "Continue to the Gallery" link just after that. The gallery will open in a new window.

Please please please respect the image use rules I've outlined on the site. Please? And just FYI, I do make exceptions sometimes when people are nice enough to ask me first.

The links page is undergoing a major overhaul because too much has changed since I set up my previous one. But if you go to my "fan of" section, you'll see there's a Friends & Affiliates page there. And some of those sites have some excellent links pages. Plus, you know, they're my friends... so I'm pimping their sites.

Anyway... enjoy. Email me if you have any problems with the site.


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