Verizon ring tones?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 08:08 pm
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Has anyone had any luck making their own ringtones? If so, how? What software, how do you get them onto your phone, etc.

Or are there other good sites I can buy ringtones from? Sites with more of a variety and more obscure bands? That work on a Verizon phone?

I really want Empires ringtones, and Verizon doesn't even have any new Panic! At The Disco. :-(
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Click on the picture to go to the Rolling Stone site and vote for Empires. Rate them 5 stars EVERY DAY. Please? They so deserve this!!
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Look where I decided to stay on the 30th?

Tangerine Hotel in Burbank

It's a tiny bit more than I'd normally want to pay, but look how cool it looks?! And it's close to [ profile] darksylvia's place. And I'm getting a king size bed. Why not, when it costs the same as a queen?

It must be very recently renovated, because Google Street View still shows it as a blah run-of-the-mill motel. But look at the pics of it on the site! Tres chic!

Yay, I made a decision and I am happy! And now I must go to bed because I have a doctor's appt in the morning. Blah.
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Hope these work. They're not really loading on preview. If you can't see the players, go to WE ARE EMPIRES instead. Buy the songs, support the band, share the love!


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