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I have a huge favor to ask if anyone does get that channel. I need someone to record the first episode of Long Way Down for me tonight. It airs at 9pm Eastern and repeats at 12 midnight Eastern tonight.

I'm going to try and get my Dish Network upgraded to the next package so I'll have the channel - hopefully in time for the next episode to air next Saturday - but there's no way they'll do it in time for me to record today's episode.

I'll take whatever format recording I can get - DVD, downloadable .avi or almost any other video file type, even a VHS tape.

The second cameraman on the show is a friend of mine, and I was down in LA night before last for a special screening of a so-called director's cut of the whole show that they screened in theaters across the US. I went to the one in Century City since Jimmy - my cameraman friend - was going to that one. Turned out Ewan McGregor (who stars in Long Way Down) was there too, along with Ron Howard (who is directing the film Ewan is currently working on with Tom Hanks in LA) and a bunch of other celebs I can't remember at the moment. I saw Ewan and Ron, but didn't talk to either of them - they were out of there pretty quick. Had a great time with Jimmy though. He's such an awesome person.

In case anyone's curious:

Ignore the lame-ass flash animation of the two bikes driving along the road. It doesn't look like that in the series *at all.* ::rolls eyes::

Can anyone help me out? Please please please? I'll pay for shipping and whatever. ::looks pathetic and hopeful::

Jen (who is still feeling great and obviously still getting out and living life and whoa it's exhilarating!)

P.S. - I'll post pics of me and Jimmy together and my review of the screening and report on my adventures a little later. But I had SO much fun! I almost don't care that Shane has now defriended me on Facebook. Jimmy is a better cinematographer than Shane anyway, and much better looking too. ;-) Okay, maybe I'm partly saying that because Jimmy is a real friend and Shane couldn't care less about me, but Jimmy really is awesome. SO awesome. And he'll probably laugh at me when he reads this. LOL


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