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Please point anyone and everyone this way that you think might be interested. I'm thinking about doing all sorts of fandoms, bandoms, actors, musicians, critters and abstract stuff as well. Maybe even taking requests.

Wallpaper-wise, I was most prolific in the QAF fandom, but I've also done X-Files, Latter Days & Steve Sandvoss and Brokeback Mountain. You can check them out in the gallery on my waaaaay outdated site here. I can't remember if you have to set up an account in the gallery right now to view the wallpapers or not. I've had trouble with image theft in the past and kept going back and forth as far as making them members only. Just let me know if you have trouble viewing them.

Anyway, here's what I need from you guys:

[Poll #1445316]

If it won't let you vote in the poll, make sure you're logged into LJ. If you don't have a LJ account, just leave me a comment on this post. Anon comments are allowed. Thanks!!

Please don't suggest subject matter yet... I'm easily overwhelmed. Not joking about that.

Hi to all my new friends, btw, many of whom I met at the Panic!/No Doubt show in San Diego a little over a week ago. \o/ Welcome to my insanity/obsession, such as it is.
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Huge thanks and hugs to all who left me birthday wishes! If anyone posted in their own journal and I didn't comment on it, please tell me. I did read through my friends page on my b-day, but so so far from perfect and could have missed something. And I don't want to miss anything, 'cause I love you all. Special thanks to [ profile] aqualegia for the yummy virtual cocktail. :-D

To all of you, from me:

In other news... )

Not going to talk about how incredibly disappointed I am in California's Supreme Court. Just know that I am incredibly disappointed, but not really surprised.

That is all for now! Yay for real LJ entries, y/y?
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I got tagged by [ profile] i_am_tre, whom I adore completely.

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

[ profile] darksylvia
[ profile] celiarosalind
[ profile] i_am_tre
[ profile] marauder_bex
[ profile] disc0_dancer
[ profile] thediane
[ profile] sateenmusta
[ profile] big_brian_o
[ profile] sdrichey
[ profile] mlleelizabeth

I totally get what everyone's saying about it being impossible to narrow it down to 10. Even though I'm not really in contact with a lot of my f-list, I still think pretty much everyone on it is awesome.

I'm not real big on Valentine's Day, but I am big on making sure my friends know I love them, so:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Also, if you haven't seen the newish video by Plain White T's for their song "1, 2, 3, 4" you really must. It's perfect for Valentine's Day.
Click here for video. )
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Sorry about my message being split into 2 posts last night. I can never remember what the character limit is. Actually I still don't know. I suppose I could go count the characters in the first post or search the FAQ, but meh... don't wanna.

Mom did much better today, and did go to the doctor this morning. Her blood count was normal, so that's good. Her doctor is still a complete freakin' idiot, and didn't even think it was blood she was throwing up but it couldn't have been anything else and his idea of what it was made no sense at all and regardless, he doesn't plan to do anything about it. But at least her blood count was normal, and the episode seems to be over with, and that's what I'm focusing on. That, and the fact that I still desperately want her and my Dad to switch to a different primary care physician.

Enough about that, though. Thanks to Leah and Bex and Liz and Lidia for the positive thoughts. ::hugs you all::

On a more upbeat note, did I tell you all that Leah and I are going to the Panic show in San Jose now too? So we'll see Panic and The Cab and those other two bands on Oct. 11, 12 and 14. Whew. It's gonna be AWESOME!!!!
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I don't suppose any of my Los Angeles area friends would be willing to let me crash at their place for one night, would they? Thursday the 31st. Turns out my usual place to stay in SoCal - my uncle's house in Orange - is already 'booked.' My aunt initially said I could stay with them anyway, but they changed their mind... decided it would be uncomfortable for their other guests. Which is understandable. But I already purchased my theater ticket to see Long Way Down in Century City.

I'll only lose $11 on the ticket if I can't make it after all (and I'll save about $100 in gas money), but I was going to that theater so I could meet Jimmy Simak - the gorgeous guy in my icon. He's one of the directors of photography on Long Way Down as well as the music supervisor, and we've gotten to be friends online over the past couple of years (since I first saw him and his work in Long Way Round, actually), and now I finally have a chance to meet him in person. I wrote and asked him about me coming to the screening he'll be at, and got the most awesome, encouraging and sweet email back from him. Awwwwww.

I'm looking at hotels down there, but I'm just not sure I can justify the cost. I don't know. Anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask my f-list for ideas, or see if anyone in the area has a spare bit of floor I can sleep on.

OMG you guys!

Friday, February 15th, 2008 01:55 am
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I had no idea [ profile] severina2001 was doing an anonymous 'leave a message for someone in the fandom you like' kind of project for Valentine's Day, but I saw it mentioned in [ profile] paddies's and [ profile] url_girl's journals and went to look and now I'm all blown away and kind of just... wow.

Part 1 (which includes notes 2 people left for... me? wow.) and Part 2

Whomever left the notes for me... I love you. And Severina - you're just the sweetest for putting it all together. I feel bad that I wasn't keeping up with my f-list and didn't know about it until after the fact. Totally my fault. I'd like to think I would have left notes for a ton of you, my friends. There's no question that I owe you all hugs and gratitude for your friendship and fabulousness! Words have never been my forte, though, in case you hadn't noticed. Heh.

With that in mind, happy belated Valentine's Day! Some of you have already seen this, but have another laugh at it - on me. )

Also -

wishing the happiest of birthdays to Birthday Balloonscarnivalnights! May the coming year bring you many wonderful things.

P.S. - Doing much much better re: the Demon Super!Cold, though it sure doesn't want to let go of me. But my 6 weeks is about up, Mr. Cold. Time to be leaving already. But really... doing so much better than I was.


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